How Mobile Devices have Removed the 9-5 Culture and Boosted Productivity

Posted by Mervyn Harvey on Apr 23, 2015 9:04:00 AM

Mobile devices and data are changing the way we work – and the way our customers expect to communicate.How_Mobile_Devices_have_Removed_the_9-5_Culture_and_Boosted_Productivity

Mobile technology is transforming the way we work, erasing geographic barriers and making the nine-to-five culture look very old-fashioned. Businesses that embrace mobile technology are reaping big rewards.


1. Mobile devices have changed the way we do business

Our world is always on and our customers are constantly connected. We can do business from anywhere, at any time. All we need is a data connection – and coffee, of course.


2. It’s the Martini model: any time, any place, anywhere

You’ve researched the pitch, set up a conference call, invited the team members, ensured the calendars don’t clash and provided all the information they need at their fingertips. You’ve done it all effortlessly – and you haven’t even arrived at work yet. That’s what mobile means.


3. No limits (and no more trying to find somewhere to plug in)

If you do it in the office, you can do it on , and – thanks to all-day battery life and fast 4G mobile broadband – you can do it without compromise, frustration or delay. You’ll get instant access, instant answers, fast downloads and rich multimedia.


4. Because social media doesn’t stop

Buzzfeed never sleeps and Twitter’s 24/7. Mobile devices can monitor the social flow and discover what your customers are saying, amplifying the applause and put out any fires long before they get serious. Your rivals are probably doing it: in the UK, 40% of SMEs are already using social media to market their business.


5. It’s where your customers are

Mobile means that quotations, proposals and orders can be handled by the sales team while they’re still with the customer. It means easy access to crucial data when the customer demands it. Automation reduces admin and banishes busywork. And fast mobile connections deliver richer marketing materials than PowerPoints. Say hello to high-res images, HD video and smooth streaming.


6. Getting it right first time

You need to ensure you avoid mobile pitfalls. You want apps you can trust, data that’s safe and secure, devices that play  with each other.


7. One size definitely doesn’t fit all

Mobile includes BlackBerry believers and iPhone addicts, Macs and Windows, tablets and phones and laptops. And the people who use them are different too. The sales team doesn’t need the finance apps, and you don’t want interns given access to everything.


8. MDM, your new best friend

Mobile Device Management (MDM) makes mobile work.


9. MDM makes everything easy

Good Mobile Device Management can manage any kind of device from printers to phones and even peripherals, across Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows and Macs. And you can facilitate and control user access, across BYOD, corporate and publicly accessible devices such as kiosks.


10. It’s all about the coverage

No matter how great the technology, if you can’t get connected, it can’t do its job. 4G is a fantastic solution – up to ten times as fast as 3G and often available at 3G prices.



  • Mobile technology is transforming the way we work – embracing it will boost productivity and revenue
  • To get the most out of mobile technology get the best coverage, with 4G
  • Use Mobile Device Management to work across multiple devices and control access where necessary


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The Essential Guide to Building a Connected Business

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