How Sales are Benefitting from Being an Always On Business

Posted by Richard Fletcher on Apr 2, 2015 11:30:44 AM

4G technology gives sales professionals a real boost by giving them everything they need to close the deal, anytime, anywhere.


In films, salespeople are often portrayed as lone wolves – but of course the reality is completely different. Strong sales teams work closely with one another and with the rest of the organisation, and the more useful the information is that flows to and from the team, the more successful the team is likely to be. Technology, and in particular mobile technology, plays a vital role in making that crucial interconnection happen.


Knowledge is power

For sales professionals, mobile technology delivers in two key areas. It enables them to manage their time and customer data more efficiently, and it enables them to access essential information from wherever they are, whenever they need it. That’s increasingly important in our always-on, constantly-connected world where business rarely sticks to a nine-to-five.


Faster and more effective

Technology speeds up and simplifies. It can enable the sales team to access the business’s customer relationship management system for customer information and insight; to submit orders from client premises; to access email, file attachments and crucial company documents from anywhere; and it can take care of administration such as ensuring team members’ calendars don’t clash, reminding them of follow-up calls or appointments and ensuring the data they need is there when they need it. It can also make it easier for clients to contact team members by routing calls to where they are, not where their desk happens to be.

The benefits to the client are significant. When they ask for additional information, they can get it instantly. Quotations and order processing are immediate, and can be changed without having to wait for someone at head office to do it. Automation and shared data can reduce form-filling and busy work, enabling your sales team to do what they do best: sell.

And that’s fantastic – unless your team can’t get connected.


Why poor coverage costs

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to contact somebody whose phone can’t get a signal, except perhaps trying to download a deal-breaker document on a connection that won’t work. Poor quality or patchy network coverage can mean the difference between closing a deal and losing it.

That’s why 4G technology is becoming increasingly important. The latest generation of mobile data is fast, with connection speeds up to ten times faster than 3G – a dramatic boost.

4G technology isn’t just about sheer speed, though. It’s been designed specifically for data transmission and it includes a number of technical improvements to ensure smooth and reliable service for large downloads and streaming data such as video. That means your sales teams can take advantage of much richer, more engaging marketing resources for clients who are probably fed up of PowerPoint presentations – and because 4G is often available at 3G prices, it should keep your finance director happy too.

4G technology delivers real benefits for sales teams, speeding up and simplifying tasks to boost efficient productivity while enabling them to focus on what they do best: sell.



  • A connected sales team is a strong sales team.
  • 4G offers the ability to access back office systems in real time, benefitting both the sales team and client.
  • 4G is designed for data transmission, enabling your sales team to take advantage of much more engaging marketing resources any place, any time.
  • 4G is ten times as fast as 3G, but often available at 3G prices.


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The Essential Guide to Building a Connected Business

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