Power Rangers - Finding the Right Partner to power Up Your IT

Posted by Graham Shimmin on Jul 23, 2015 9:05:27 AM

Getting the best performance and value from your IT investments is an expert task – here’s how to choose a partner to help.


Finding_the_Right_Partner_to_Power_Up_Your_ITPower Rangers

Finding the right partner to power up your IT

Extracting maximum value from your IT is a full-time job. The problem is, you already have a full-time job running the company.

So, what can you do to overcome this challenge? Find the right partner.

When you do, there are some important issues to address to help you power-up your IT.

Here are seven to get you started:


Issue #1

IT management can be a real headache

Employee complaints, shifting strategic priorities, day to day administration – IT issues are headaches you could do without.

Except you can’t because IT is essential.

Power-up tip:

Outsourcing responsibility to a trusted partner takes care of IT management issues so you can get on with running the company.


Issue #2

Constant upgrade cycle

Keeping up-to-date with new software, avoiding the increased costs associated with old hardware… you can never stand still with IT.

You need to implement and maintain a continuous hardware refresh cycle.

Power-up tip:

Look at how Cloud software and server outsourcing could help you access the latest technologies. They could even reduce your admin headaches without having to increase capital spend.


Issue #3

Poor communications

These days your staff need to be able to talk to your customers, share information, video-conference (the list goes on) anytime, anywhere.

But increasingly, legacy hardware, software and systems are holding them back, especially when your workforce is mobile.

Power-up tip:

VoIP and Unified Communications tools simplify and centralise voice, data and video calls, making every channel available everywhere – even on a smartphone.


“68% of all respondents experience work delays while waiting for information from others that they have attempted to reach live multiple times using multiple methods. The average delay is 3.5 hours per week per knowledge worker.”

Small-Midsize Business Communications: Hidden Cost –


Issue #4

Sooo slooow…

The company Internet connection is now critical to virtually every business operation – email, sales and marketing, banking, stock ordering, research.

If it’s too slow, your business is losing cash.

Power-up tip: 

Investing in a faster, more resilient Internet connection will allow your employees to do more, quicker. More bandwidth = more productivity.

“About 76% of IT execs said that network I/O is the most critical bottleneck in the datacentre.”

Need for increased bandwidth is IT’s biggest datacentre pain point – Computer Weekly


According to the Institute of Directors: “45% of IoD members operating in rural areas were dissatisfied with their current broadband speeds.”

Sarah Parrish, Microsoft Business


Issue #5

Getting old

Ageing, poorly maintained IT is hindering employee productivity, to the point that they may be losing days every year waiting for machines to start, or screens to refresh.

Power-up tip:

Partner with an IT service provider who offers proactive maintenance. This helps to keep PCs, servers and software operating in peak condition. Also, look for a provider who can advise on cost-effective, performance-boosting upgrades.


“Users reported wasting on average, 42-43% of their time on the computer due to frustrating experiences.”

Workplace user frustration with computers: An exploratory investigation of the causes and severity
– J Lazar, A Jones and B Schneiderman.


Issue #6

All over the place

Disparate systems cause a disconnect, increasing the potential for human error and inefficiency. Every time your employees switch between systems, productivity drops.

Power-up tip:

Enquire about IT integration services from any prospective IT partner and see how they may be able to streamline operations, consolidate data and simplify systems for your employees.


“Enterprises typically expect data error rates of approximately 1%-5%.”

Improving Data Quality: Consistency and Accuracy – University of Leipzig research.

“Poor data quality is wasting £1 in every £6 spent from the average UK departmental budget.”

Experian QAS research.


Issue #7

Tomorrow… maybe

Urgent or otherwise, IT issues always need to be dealt with now. Unfortunately, with limited resources and available skills, there’s no way to guarantee when you will be able to fix the problem.

Power-up tip: 

Don’t just choose a partner who can fix problems, opt for one who also provides guaranteed respond and fix times in their Service Level Agreement (SLA). That way you will always know when a fix is going to be addressed and completed by.


Need a Power Ranger to power up your IT?


  • Choosing an IT partner can reduce your own management headaches.
  • Your choice of IT partner could create significant cost savings.
  • Outsourcing IT operations will boost company productivity.
  • Network and Internet speeds are crucial for productivity.


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